Been such a long time

I'd almost forgotten about this website, it's been almost a year since I posted and right now I can't think of a single interesting thing to say.

Two new passions

1) BLOODY MARYS. The poison and the antidote all in one.

2) PATCHWORK QUILTS. Recycling mabe?

I hate global warming!

Aaarrrrrr! I can move again. The temperature has dropped and we've had some rain - I feel almost human. It's been impossible here the last few weeks with temperatures in the high 90s and so humid the ground and garden steam. It's not what I live in England for.

I'm fifty now and suddenly feel young again.

Back to the summer look.

It's hotter here in England than it is in Skopelos. Sadly we don't have a pool or the Aegean to flop into when it all gets too much. Yally's going home to Edinburgh today and hopes to find a job for the summer. The trip to Skopelos got in the way of her job hunting - at least she has her priorities right.


We had a fabulous time in Skopelos last week. The island and villa location were even more beautiful than I was expecting. I'm sure we will go back again.

Almost Summer

It seems the only time I update this site is to give it a new seasonal feel. This time it's high summer.

It must be Spring soon!

Haven't updated the site since before Christmas. I don't have anything new to add but thought I would make it a bit more cheerful with a spring theme.

Yally came home for Christmas

And ate ALL the chocolate!



Ed passed his driving test today! Happy

And the computer is back in the organised and very clean office. Pity about the rest of the house - I shall try to find the floor tomorrow.

Uncle Arthur

I didn't know there was an uncle Arthur, but Tony sent me this picture yesterday. He is my dad's half brother (grandad Walker was married twice) who, died during the 2nd World War. I don't remember dad talking about him, he could have known him quite well. He looks old enough to have children (cousins) I wonder if he had brothers or sisters. I can't see a family resemblance, I think we all take after my Grandma.

I'm going to give my family history a break for a while and this web site too. It's taking up too much time, the house is crying out for some attention. Today I am going to sort the office so that I can get computer in there again. I may be gone some time.

Another Photo

My Grandma Walker died when I was four or five and I don't remember too much about her. On the wall she had a photo of my grandad on his racing bike. I think it must have been this picture. I had remembered it as being a studio photo but I was four when I last saw it. I remember the shoes vividly because they seemed very strange and a slightly repulsive to me. I'm amazed now, at how modern the bike and the racing togs look. Grandad had been quite a sportsman in his younger days, we had his ice skates in the shed at Nuttall Street. I was told that he was a racing skater too.

Lots of photographs Happy

My cousin Tony who lives in Australia has just emailed me loads of photographs from my dad's side of the family. Some, I think I've never seen before. Here's one of my dad, aged four with is sister my Aunty Hilda, aged ten. It was taken in 1925. I must get them all organised so that I can arrange them more logically.

Went to Nottingham yesterday and enjoyed shopping for a change. I wish it was a bit closer. Peterborough is the most boring city ever. I don't think it merits being called a city, I always feel depressed by the time I leave there.

This Site

I've got to stop messing around with the look of this site. I've wasted a whole morning fiddling with it and now the links aren't working properly. The next big effort must be planning the content.

Miserable Old Git!

Honestly! How could I have written that? "Glad it isn't snowing" boring old fart!


Anthony just came round and delivered a box or organic beef. There are some nice cuts and I can't wait until tomorrow to taste it. I'm sure it's going to taste sublime being raised on a farm where everything is really cared for.