Found some more ancesters.

Found my Twigg ancestors living in Longford Derbyshire. Martha Twigg my great great grandmother was living there with her huge farming family in 1851. She is listed as a scholar but was 16 which was unusual for that time. Ten years later, when she was 26 she was living in lodgings with her illegitimate daughter, Jane Constance who was only a few weeks old. I wonder who she was. Was she really a scholar at 16. Her daughter Jane wasn't even able to sign her name when she married John Lander. I wonder who Jane's father was. Could it have been John Bull the Twigg's servant? He was the same age as Martha?


Sorted Pictures Happy

OK! So I can now put in pictures anywhere on the page. Even in my blog. And have also created a movie page. Now it's time to sort out my life! And the rats. Looks to nice too be home to rats. Oh! And Black & White cat keeps beating up Gracie and making her cry.

A day for sorting out life!

If Ed gets out of bed. So much to sort, don't know where to start, maybe the garden, it's very worrying that the cats are bringing in so many rats Gasp WE MUST HAVE RATS LIVING IN THE GARDEN Embarrassed. I suppose if we make the garden so spick and span they will have no hiding place. I wonder if there are any proper Rat Catchers who come with their terrier and kill them all.

Or should we clear out the cottage so Ed can move in?


Not a good start to the day, walked out of bedroom and planted foot in something wet and sticky – one of the cats had vomited up their breakfast Sad . But it gets worse Gasp , halfway down the stairs is a huge headless dead rat. I must have stood in its regurgitated head. I wish I had never opened my bedroom door. I was happy in there. Don't know how to move the corpse – don't want to go near it. Ed's no use. Oh dear!

Not so great Sad

My new typewriter has a crucial bit missing and I shall have to return it.

Here's one to get me started

A very exciting day today. My new typewriter has arrived and I'm making my first website. Please leave a comment for me to check if it works.