No Snow Happy

I'm very pleased it didn't snow today although it is very cold. I've checked the oil and I have half a tank left; that should keep us going for a few weeks until they finish the ford. A very nice man came from Widnes today to fix Sky TV for us. He had to move the satellite dish to the other side of the house and was so cold by the time he had finished I thought he was going to cry. We hardly ever watch TV these days, mainly because we got out of the habit when Gran was staying with us and I was going to cancel our subscription but when I found out it would cost nothing I went ahead and had it fixed. Sort of regretting it now.

The Ford

There has been no activity in the ford since they delivered the toilet. In fact, they took the toilet away again yesterday. I wonder if they intend finishing it before the winter is over. I must dig out the highways department number, I'll be needing oil again soon and this will make it almost impossible to deliver.

The Zim!

Went to see Bob Dylan in Manchester last week and had the best time. Of course, most of the joy in seeing Bob live is knowing that you are in the presence of a legend. Even though his voice is shot, his band were very good – nothing disappointed but the highlights for me were: I'll be your baby tonight and Highway 61. We'd been anxious before we arrived because our tickets didn't seem to be too good being, right at the side of the stage. They turned out to be the best seats for that gig. Bob as usual did not face the audience but stood sideways behind his little piano facing us directly – the rest of the arena faded away and we enjoyed a very intimate show aimed at our block of about 200 people.

I've never spent any time in Manchester before. I will definitely go back there, it is a great city with a lovely friendly vibe. This was probably helped by the vividly sunny and intensely cold day making it feel not at all English. We spent most of the day eating and keeping warm which, is easy to do in Manchester – so much to explore and if you like Chinese food it's heaven. The picture is of Yally on the big wheel we went on before lunch. I took it with my telephone because I forgot to take my camera.

Oh! Gracie! Angry Gracie! Gasp Gracie! Sad

The thing I dreaded most happened last night. GRACIE IN A FIELD OF SHEEP! I'd been cleaning out the utility room – a major task and before I knew it, it was dark. I took Gracie for a quick walk to the common, I haven't been that way for months as she is a bit cocky on her home territory. Everything was fine, Gracie was well behaved and I didn't want to go into the field as I get scared in the dark. Suddenly she shot off. I waited by the wear and called her and waited and called her when a huge white thing came running towards me, it was far too fat to be Gracie; it was a sheep. OMG! I ran home called the farmer then went back and caught Gracie who by then, was exhausted. Hardly slept last night worrying about keeping a longdog in the country. Just plucking up the courage to give them a call. Oooo. You can't drop your guard at all if you are a dog owner.

Poor RT

RT has been beaten up again. The top of his head has a hole in it and has lost a lot of fur. He has to work much harder these days to protect his territory. There are far too many cats around here. It doesn't drive the rats away though. The picture is of RT jumping off one of the kitchen worktops.

Almost had my hair cut today.

Isn't that a song title? I've decided to grow it again instead. Very bored of my hair at present. Not sure what styles suit an almost fifty year old. I know it was Crosby, Stills Nash and Young.

Horrible rainy day. Sad

It's a very grim day today. I'm expecting three parcels, two of which, need signatures, I'm also meant to be going out all day and Ed is going to London. What to do? I wish I had some biscuits to dip in my coffee.

Happy Happy today!

I got my car back yesterday and not only has it been fixed, it is clean and polished inside and out Laugh.

Felt a little dismayed yesterday as the workmen spent all day just sitting in their vans and occasionally standing and looking at the ford. But LOOK! They've started working today! It's looks as though they are going to do a proper job. Hurray! The puny little pump is struggling to keep the water down. I hope it doesn't put them off.

Activity in the ford Happy

Some men have just built a dam from sandbags in the ford. It looks like after all the stopping and starting they are going to get some work done. Though I'm not sure where they are now.

I wonder where the swans went? They never came to visit this year. I would have thought that some of the huge brood would have returned this summer. Hope they survived.

Sunny day

I hate it when the clocks go back each year but there is a good side – I 'm not able to stay in bed beyond 6:30 and I get to enjoy a part of the morning I wouldn't see otherwise. Today is beautiful and sunny and I can't wait to get out with Gracie and if the weather holds out, plant my garlic and rhubarb. I hope I don't have too much garlic – three bulbs seems an awful lot when broken into cloves, it may make the garden stinky next spring/summer. I wonder if it will repel the rats.